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Shared experiences captured on limited, premium quality recordings.

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Behind The Scenes

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Full 12 minutes about the straight2tape® concept and its new ‘Road Session’ format.

In a world where music has become as available as tap water, we seek and capture outstanding musicality on vinyl and master tape

analogous to legendary studio recordings by Pink Floyd, Queen and The Beatles.

A unique experience for music lovers and audio enthusiasts who enjoy handcrafted music and the company of like-minded people.

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Analog from A to Z

Audiophile Highlight

All our sessions are entirely analog and produced in real-time. Pure live gigs under studio conditions surrounded by fans .

  • Sound Legacy

    Same recording process as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and more.

  • High-End

    Recorded on original, state-of-the-art equipment by NEUMANN, MIDAS, NAGRA and STUDER.

  • 100% Real-Time

    Recorded and mixed in real-time, straight onto stereo tape machine.

  • Solid Craftsmanship

    True analog-live-recording from a single mold — no frills, no edits.

  • Tape Machine

    Recorded on the best suitable tape recorders by Nagra & Studer.

  • 100% Analog

    The entire signal path from the microphone to the vinyl is analog.

What our Visitors Say

Roland Fischer Universal Music Switzerland

A big compliment to the whole team and the musicians. The visit to the "Ellis Mano Band", was a very nice and exciting experience. Everything was very professionally organized and executed, it was really fun to enjoy the music in the relaxed and familiar atmosphere and to meet the many interesting people.

Rolf Schlup DAS OFFICE

Absolutely top!A great team and event. The concept makes perfect sense. This is how music gets under your skin - great.

Dr. Rüdiger Walscheid Master Tape & Music Lover

Packaging top. Coil: a dream. Really heavy, no treble impact. The engraving absolutely inspiring. The most important thing in conclusion: music: absolutely first class, perfectly controlled (by the way, listen with a Studer A810 or 807). I may summarize: I think [...] I will buy more tapes.